Monday, April 27, 2009

seriously bored. doing one of these nonsensical surveys


1. What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up?: gosh it is hot in here...must open a window

2. What did you do last night?: home from the waterloo outlets at around 8, cleaned up the WHOLE APT with zach, watched a few episodes of six feet under and went to sleeep :)

3. What is the most important part of your life right now?: my family, zach, moving to baltimore...that's a weird question by the way

4. What would you rather be doing right now? actually i'm having a lovely time in the apartment getting things done with all the windows open :)

5. What did you last cry over?: i don't really know

6. What always makes you feel better when you're upset?: zach :) grosssss haha

7. What are your plans tomorrow?: class from 1-215 and then 230-515...then gosh i don't know

9. What are you worried about?: moving to baltimore

10. What are you looking forward to most in this week?: quad party :)


1. Have you ever liked someone with a girlfriend/boyfriend?: yes but not anymore

2. Have you ever had your heart broken?: yes

3. Have you ever played on a sports team?: synchronized skating

4. Have you ever been out of the country?: canada, australia, ireland, england, france, germany, a word, yes.

6. Have you ever been back stabbed by a friend?: of course

7. Have you ever had the cops called on you?: nope

8. Have you ever dated someone younger then you?: ugh yes what a mistake

9. Have you ever read an entire book in one day?: haha it's what i do best actually


1. Who was the last person you saw?: zach before he left for work

2. Who was the last person you hugged?: see above

3. Who was the last person you called?: god my life is nothing but zach apparently

4. Who was the last person to call you?: my mom

5. Who was your first crush?: can't remember

6. Who was the last person to text message you?: zach

7.Who is the last person you texted?: zach



1. When was your last shower? just about an hour ago

2. When did you last see your mom?: yesterday actually

3. When was your last hug?: today

4. When did you last dress up?: hrmm...going out a few weeks ago. but senior ball is soon!

5. When was the last time you cried?: probably in the last week...i am hyper sensitive

6. When did you last go to the movie theatre?: oh god i have no idea...probably to see frost/nixon with zach a few months ago?

7. When were you born?: june 23 1987 at about 11 in the morning


1. Where do(es) your best friend(s) live?: amber lives in rochester currently, although she is moving to buffalo. zach lives with me. so does winston. emilie lives on hughes in buffalo and amanda lives on delevan.

2. Where did you last go?: waterloo outlets yesterday

3. Where did you last hang out?: right here in my apartment

4. Where do you go to school?: canisius

5. Where is your favorite place to be?: uhm...galway haha i miss it

6. Where did you sleep last night?: in my bed dur


1. Do you like someone right now?: of course

2. Do they like you too?: well i would hope so we've been together almost 2 years

3. Do you ever wish you were someone else?: not realy

4. Do you know the muffin man?: ugh

5. Does the future scare you?: nope


1. Why are you best friends with your best friends?: because they're some of the few that didn't completely turn on me in the past year

2. Why did you get a Facebook?: haha because it was new when i got one

3. Why did your parents give you the name you have?: i don't know

4. Why are you doing this survey?: i am bored


1. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?: flying would be sweet

2. If you could go back in time and change one thing, would you?: no

3. If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring one thing what would it be?: a boat...duh.


1. Would you ever be friends with someone again, who you promised yourself you never would be because they were mean to you? no probably not, i hold grudges forever haha it's not good

2. Would you ever shave your head to save the person you love?: um because that question makes any sense at all? but yes if it somehow were helpful


1. Name a dream you wish to fulfill: never do a lameass survey like this again

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