Friday, September 9, 2011


It has been a long-ass time since I've blogged, and now that I'm drunk on red wine, it seems like a good enough time to start again.

I feel like my life has taken a turn for the better lately. I'm kicking ass in class this semester across the board, I have enjoyed many netflix movies in the past few weeks, and I have...

*dramatic pause*

BOX SEATS FOR LES MISERABLES at the Kennedy Center next month!


It is no secret to like..three people that Les Mis is my favorite musical of all time. I cry when I listen to the music, for real. I found out that the 25th anniversary tour was coming to D.C. which is just a short hour away from good old Baltimore, so I spent a preposterous amount of money on tickets (they were almost all sold out!) and a hotel room for the evening for Zach and I to behave like fancy people. I am beyond excited.

This entry is not long for this world. Frankly, this is about all I have to give.

My summer was amazing. My internship was fabulous and so was Zach's. We had such a great time this summer and this fall, if it ever stops raining, will prove to be great as well.

The end!

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