Thursday, March 31, 2011

just passing time before the big I.

By big I, I mean my first summer internship interview tomorrow morning. I finally heard back from a few places about summer internships (unpaid, of course) and I jumped at the chance to interview. I hope it's not a bad sign that the first one is taking place on April Fool's Day. The next interview is next Thursday and I can't decide whether I want the one I'm interviewing for tomorrow or the one I'm interviewing for next Thursday. I suppose it doesn't matter until one of them actually offers me a position, but I've still been thinking about it a lot. My suit is ready to go (as are my tights, underwear, bra, shirt, and shoes. I don't like to be running around in the morning looking for things when I'm already nervous enough).

I haven't updated this thing in FOREVER and I noticed today I had a new follower, so I didn't want to be one of those people who never update their blogs and just leave them dusty and alone for months. Lindsay has been trying to get me to make a tumblr but I don't understand them and I don't feel like acquiescing to another trend. Never mind the fact that the situation I just described is exactly how I became a Twitter fiend. The last thing I need is another distraction on the internet, especially with finals season looming and a paper due relatively soon.

In accordance with a few posts ago, here are some recipes I've made recently that were particularly good. This week, it has been all about comfort food. It's been raining and cold and pretty damn miserable, so I took full advantage in the kitchen:

Chicken and Biscuits

This was phenomenal. It was also incredibly easy since I already had leftover shredded up chicken from the night before.

Shepherd's Pie

I just made this a few hours ago for dinner tonight. It came out fabulously and was so simple. Sometimes, you just crave simple foods on a night like tonight.

I have to walk to my internship interview tomorrow. It's only a mile and ordinarily I would not mind it at all, but it's going to be raining and I'm going to be sad and damp. I just have to make sure I bring my ipod to listen to motivational tunes the entire way. I'm thinking Eye of the Tiger and The Final Countdown will definitely be making an appearance.

Man, did I totally forget to post about my ides of March fiasco? THe last time I posted it was February 28, so I must have been too traumatized at the time to post. On March 15, the infamous ides of March that the soothsayer told Caesar to beware, I got five emails from Paypal. They were all receipts for my "recent $200 purchase to Tagged, Inc.". Well, shit. That's $1000 paid to some company I've never heard of on my credit card that's linked to my PayPal account. I immediately notified PayPal that all five charges were DEFINITELY not me and were absolutely fraudulent, and then I called my credit card company in a panic. The very nice woman on the other line assured me that everything would be fine as long as I signed the affidavit they would mail me, and she also closed that credit account so nefarious people could access it no longer. All, it appeared, was well. Until I was sitting on my couch and heard..drip...drip...drip. I start to look for its source and its a light fixture in my hallway that is dripping for no apparent reason. I live in an apartment building and am on the sixth of nine floors. I called our maintenance staff and they looked into the light and asked the woman above me on the seventh floor if she had any issues, but none so far.

Since then, I've mailed the affidavit and have been told by PayPal that they have resolved my problem and have transferred all the money back to my credit card. The dripping has also stopped. Hot diggity!

I also got to see my nephew, the Cutest Baby in the World, one of the first weekends in March. My sister brought him to the east coast to see the entire family and they stayed at my parent's house for a week. He is getting so big, I can't stand it. He's also smiling now which makes me want to cry it's so adorable.

Me and the little guy.

Smiling for his aunt Sue :)

Well, it's probably time to hit the hay and freak out for three hours before I fall asleep, and then hit my interview with a breath of fire. Hopefully I'll update this sooner than a month from now!

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