Saturday, November 6, 2010

In which I drink too much tea but don't feel like doing homework.

So, I've been browsing my statistics on this thing a bit, just to see if anyone actually reads it, and I am thinking that not many do, and if they do, they got here by mistake. I mean, according to the stats thing, I have page views from Croatia and Turkey. No one in Croatia or Turkey (or the U.S., for that matter) could possibly be interested in anything I have to say on this blog. But I digress. I mean, I have two followers: my sister and my friend Dave who hasn't updated his blog in well over a year. 

I am very, very excited because I actually got my ideal schedule for next semester. I've either had the professor before and loved them, or heard stellar reviews about them. I'm taking Administrative Law with Rochvarg, Professional Responsibility with Rubinson, Constitutional Criminal Procedure with Grossman, Commercial Law with Smalkin and Collective Bargaining Seminar with Hayes. I've had Rubinson and Hayes before, and they are both fabulous. Zach raves about Rochvarg, so I trust his judgment, and Grossman and Smalkin both have outstanding reviews on rate my professor dot com, which is a site that I've used to make my schedules since I was a wee freshman girl at Canisius College.

So, lessee. What can I ramble about while avoiding homework and house chores at the same time? Thursday night was absolutely fantastic. Hung out with great friends, got very drunk, ate a pizza, and proceeded to fall asleep on my futon. Friday was not so fantastic due to being slightly hungover, but it was not so bad. I've had worse hangovers in my life. Today, I've been kind of moseying around at a leisurely pace and not really doing much save a few loads of laundry and some dishes. Zach has been downloading music and rebuilding his Itunes library all day, and he is as happy as a clam. I feel like I really should make some more tea and make the bed, but Winston is sitting on top of the disheveled covers and is looking at me like he will be very angry if I dare to disturb him.

Old Navy is having a 50% off all coats sale and I really want to go. I love outerwear. Speaking of which, I could really use a new pair of boots. 

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  1. I need a new pair of boots too, the fashionable kind though. Can't find a pair I really love though. We may need to do a DSW trip if you come home for T-Day.