Tuesday, February 15, 2011

sick boyfriend, sore shins.

My poor boyfriend is ill. This happens at least once a semester; he comes down with a debilitating cold for about three days and is totally miserable the entire time, and then goes back to being perfectly healthy.  Right now he is snuggled up on the couch with the heating pad, a cup of tea and a big blanket and I am stuck in here doing homework blogging. I keep trying to get him to drink lots of liquids because for some reason I am fixated on the idea that lots of liquids = get healthy faster, which I'm pretty sure is residual of what my mom did when we were sick as kids.

I should be doing my reading for administrative law, but I'm far too busy looking at cute bikinis on Victorias Secret dot com and thinking that if I do go to the gym at least three or four times a week from now until summer, I will purchase one of those bikinis (I really want THIS one, but in the hot pink color) and wear it out and about on the beach and whatnot. Unfortunately, I had to skip the gym tonight because I ran last night and as a result my shins are screaming in pain and have been all day. I forgot why I hate running. It's not because I get winded too easily (which I do, but that's just because I'm grossly out of shape), it's because my shins apparently don't enjoy it. That's generally why I stick to the elliptical, but last night the gym was ridiculously busy and all were taken.

We are getting new windows in our apartment tomorrow! Our building is pretty old and our windows pretty much blow, they are drafty and rattle and just ugh. So we complained to the leasing office a couple of weeks ago and because our building manager is just the best (I'm not being sarcastic, he's great) the window installers are coming here tomorrow to install brand spanking new windows in our apartment. Very exciting. The windows right now are also ridiculously hard to open without breaking your fingers, so hopefully the new ones will be better in that respect as well. Tonight we have to do some furniture rearranging, though, because the workers need a clear path to the windows and right now our mattress and an end table are in the way. Because Zach is sickly, I'll probably end up doing most of the rearranging myself. Which is fine, because I have been lifting weights at the gym and am now probably grossly overestimating my strength.

PSA: This salsa is the most amazing thing I've ever tasted, and I do not mess around with salsa. It's my favorite snack accompaniment and I am quite discerning, or at least I like to think so. It's all I can do to not eat the entire jar in one sitting. Currently, an unopened jar sits in my refrigerator, mocking me with its tastiness.  Sidenote: I almost always spell refrigerator incorrectly. I'm convinced there should be a 'd' in there.

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